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The capital of the country, Delhi, provides an enormous number of business opportunities in various sectors, starting from retail to manufacturing. Locations like Noida,Ghaziabad, Gurugram & allied areas of NCR are also on the edge of enormous opportunities like Delhi, which further makes Delhi as a highly sought after hotspot for business owners.

The necessity of a unsecured funds for business is felt by every growing business. We assist in raising adequate funds in the form of business loans under MSME scheme , without collateral & loans with mortgages for small & medium business owners on behalf of their business from 25 lakhs to 5 crores.

Features & Benefits of Business Loan

Business Funds Without Collateral – Financial Institutions provide unsecured business funds considering the business credentials & future prospectus which save business owners from keeping their personal assets or business assets with lenders as security which is a big sigh of relief for them from the risk of losing their assets.

Quick Disbursal – NKB Kredit assists in proper assessment of a business about its creditworthiness & future prospectus resulting into Quick Disbursal of desired funds.

Less Documentation – NKB Kredit assist you in identifying key documents of your business for instant assessment of your business which also results into efficient documentation with least possible paperwork.

Funding is from 25 lakhs to 5 crores – NKB Kredit assists for business loans up to 5 crores without any collateral as working capital for your business however higher funds can be raised on the basis of collateral & business assets

Flexible Tenors – Business owners can get a business funds for the tenure of 12, 24 and 36 months depends on their requirements.

Types of Business Loan Available in Delhi

Short Term Credit: The loan required by business owners for specific business needs such as the regular working capital, employee salaries, or for business emergency to exploit instant opportunities available in the course of regular working that can bring windfall by arranging funds in a short period. In a term loan, a business owner borrows a specific amount of money from Banks or Non Banking Finance Company(NBFC’s)and pay back the money with interest on a certain repayment schedule.

Line of Credit (LOC) : To get the right to access specific amount of money without incurring regular interest is best suited for those businesses which needs funds on irregular frequency. Basically revolving credit facility is provided where the credit line resets after repayment of withdrawal funds just like in credit card.

Equipment Funds: Equipment Funds are required by the business owners who need to purchase business equipment or machinery.

Small Business Administration(SBA) LoansSmall Business Administrations Loans are offered to small business owners through lending agencies as per set guidelines for loans determined by administrating lending institution. It helps in risk spread & provide easy access to capital.

NKB Kredit serves the needs of wide variety of businesses irrespective of size of the business, as we understand that every business needs capital for expansion. NKB Kredit also helps in top-ups loan on existing business loans in case borrower needs more credit. .

The following applicants meet business loan eligibility:

Retailers, Manufacturers, Traders, Service providers, professionals & all kind of business ventures.

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