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"Funds Are Fuel For An Organization For Its Proper Functioning. It Stops Working Like A Vehicle Stops Without Fuel."

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Type of Loans in NKB Kredit

Funds for business can be raised in any form, namely debt or equity, by proper presentation of business USPs.”We can raise up to Rs. 5 crores as loans without collateral. Against property, the funding can be up to 200% of property value.”We help in equity fund raising also for matured businesses through SME IPO platform….. 

We ensure timely availability of adequate funds because we understand that funds are fuel for an organization for its proper functioning. Inadequate funds cause similar threats to business as a vehicle stops working without fuel. Funds can be raised in the form of Loans & Equity depending upon the credentials & future prospectus of a business.

We would like to reiterate that funds are abundantly available provided the business idea is well presented in front of Lenders & Investors. We serve Business Houses to highlight their USP in well manner with underlying risks so that Lenders & Investors get a fair idea of business for instant judgment & arrive at an investment decision. In the below sections, we understand in detail each source of funds. 

Note: We also arrange instant funds from private sources wherever such a situation emerges.

Loans / debt is one of the organized way to approach lenders for funding needs of a business.With an appropriate presentation of the business, we can raise up to Rs. 5 crores without collateral. Secured loans can be up to 200% of property value as working capital. After initial investments into a business, the first major source of fresh funds comes in the form of debts or loans for Business Owners.A business with a minimum of 2-3 years of operation can provide better visibility of the performance of the business and its future prospects.

Promoters or Business Owners can tap the debt source of funding from various institutions, such as Nationalized Banks, Private Banks, NBFCs, Financial Institutions, HNI Investors, Private Lenders, etc.” Business Loans are also available under MSME schemes which helps businesses to attain the break-even point after expansion at an early stage. MSME loans are mostly of a subsidised nature of funding.

.We strongly recommend any applicant do due diligence on all the best possible options before availing of any facility. We support all prospective borrowers in identifying the best funding possibilities from all available options as per their Business Credentials.

Loans can be taken for working capital, such as CC Limit, OD limit, DOD limit, Invoice Financing, Term Loans, Machinery Loans, Factory Building construction, and all other purposes intended by an entrepreneur.” Loans can be classified as Unsecured or Secured  explained below.

Unsecured Loans or debt funds can be raised without collateral because these funds are given by lenders on the basis of Business Credentials. Any lenders who extends unsecured loans or unsecured credit line ensures due credibility of prospective borrower along-with business prospectus from where the repayment is offered.

Unsecured Loans or debt funds are given by lenders primarily on the basis of Business Credentials. Our primary focus is on Unsecured Loans for Business which does not require any kind of collateral. With proper business plan & visible execution capabilities presentation leads to due comfort of prospective lenders. It is pertinent to mention that though these Loans are unsecured, but any lenders who extends unsecured loans or unsecured credit line ensures due credibility of prospective borrower along-with business prospectus from where the repayment is offered.

Unsecured Loans are purely on the basis of  Business Credentials and does not require any collateral or security. It can be extended for all business purpose namely Cash Credit Limit; Overdraft Limit; Drop-line Overdraft Limit (DOD); Working Capital Term Loans; Business Loans; Invoice Discounting; Machinery Loans & all kind of allied purposes of business.   

The quantum of working capital limit is based on the turnover of business & working capital cycle. We can raise working capital funds up to 200% of collateral value…

Secured Loans extended for business are also on the basis of Business Credentials but lenders are bit comfortable while taking exposure supported with collateral. We generally advise for such funding wherever the quantum of funds are higher due to major expansions planned or some long term working capital infusion required in the Business.

Lenders consider the value of security & business credentials while extending secured loans. These Business Loans are for all business purpose like CC limit, OD limit, DOD Limit, Working Capital term Loans & all kind of allied purposes proposed by an entrepreneur.

Loans / debts have its own limitation, when a business is matured enough & more funds required to expand then equity capital is best source to support the funding needs. We help in equity fund raising through SME IPO platform for matured businesses…

Equity Capital is sum of funds infused in business by its owners & accumulated profits generated after the business operations. A Business funded with right mix of Equity Capital & Debts is able to achieve better financial efficiency in its operation. Equity capital is raised by dilution of business stakes and all prospective shareholders invest on the basis of earning prospectus presented by promoters. Equity Capital is not bound by any fixed interest payments so carry highest risk for investors but they invest in business on the hope of that the profits are better than the fixed rate of interest attached to debt so they will get the right to have higher income on their investments.

To understand the wonders of right mix of Equity Capital & Debt Funds, lets assume a business requires investment of Rs. 1 crore & operates @5% operational profits with credit period of one month. After one year the business will generate Rs.60 lakhs as operational profits. Now see from below three different scenarios where the ROI for equity shareholders increased more than 3 times just with use of debt funds. This is called value addition for shareholders through right mix of fund structure for better returns with limited resources. Below table enumerates the beauty of financial efficiency where similar profits & similar operation can be used to multiply value addition for Business Owners.

Below 3 scenario table depicts the importance of "Right Mix of Debt & Equity"

100% Capital 

100% funds are invested by Business Owners 

Annual Return 60%

Total earning is Rs.60 lakhs for owners on the investment of Rs. 1 crore i.e. ROI is 60% p.a.

50% Capital & 50% Debt @15% p.a.

Rs 50 Lakhs are borrowed @15% p.a.  & owners’ capital is also 50 lakhs

Annual Return is 105%

Interest payment will be Rs. 7.50 lakhs on 50 lakhs borrowed funds & Balance profit Rs 52.50 lakhs is for owners i.e. ROI is 105% .

25% Capital & 75% Debt @15% p.a.

Rs. 75 Lakhs funds borrowed for Business @15% p.a. & remaining 25 lakhs invested by owners in the Business

Annual Return is 195%

Interest payment Rs 11.25 lakhs on Rs.75 lakh borrowed funds & rest profit is Rs 48.75 lakhs for owners on their investment of Rs 25 lakh, which translates into whopping 195% ROI from Business.


We assess on upfront basis the funding requirements based on the long term vision of the stakeholders & accordingly funding possibilities are explored with various lenders/ investors through effectively devising underlying risks of borrower’s business & opportunities.

Our foremost approach is to raise funds for business without collateral & purely based on business credentials. The best possible options including MSME promotional schemes are explored after understanding the business & it’s USP. 

After appropriate assessment of Business, we are confident to bring on board Nationalised Banks, Private Banks, NBFC & other Financial Institutions for raising the desired funds either as unsecured funds or secured funds or Equity participation in Business.

We assist not only prior to fund raising but also post fund raising compliance to ensure due reporting & surveillance review by financial institutions.



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I approached to Mr. Bansal when we were stuck for an urgent fund requirement for our group organization. He took time to analyze & made detailed presentation of our business. He brought multiple lenders on-board after clearing their doubts & queries. Though our Finance team was supporting him but we seldom spare time to think how the things would mature. Thankfully to his minute planning, we were able to secure desired funding timely. I would like to state very categorically that after shouldering the responsibility to Mr. Bansal, one can rest assure for best possible executions. The actual delivery may be delayed but delivery remains visible because of his transparent & logical working. If any business house is unable to get desired funds, a consultation with Mr. Bansal is highly recommended to get to know the way out to come out of woods. His meticulous working has no comparison.

Mr. Bansal is highly supportive to understand a business & its needs. I have approached him twice during last two years & thanks to his execution capabilities & assessment he advised me pin-pointedly to plan the expansions & after that dotted execution has made me confident to move ahead my business expansion. I highly recommend an SME business to consult Mr. Bansal for his impartial advice on funding. I can vouch for his transparent, straight & honest advice which will help in focused working.

We came across Mr.Naresh Bansal in the year 2017 and have been availing his services till date in raising business funding through multiple NBFCs/MNC banking institutions and have been extremely satisfied by his approach towards achieving the objectives detailed to him. He bears a good moral character and is highly motivated and focused in his approach.

A mild mannered gentleman who has a heart of a tiger within.

Wish him all the very best ALWAYS

We have approached with susceptible thoughts about fund raising because our quantum of funds was high & unable to offer security for it but when Mr. Bansal assure us about fund raising, we first doubted on his statements but thanks to his execution skills we achieved the desired funding in record timeframe.

Presentation of good feature of a business & hard bargain on the cost is his one of the best skill to assess. May God bless him more to understand & deliver good work.

Mr. Bansal personally himself gives attention to minute detail of the business & highly focused on the results. A thorough gentle and transparent approach made him above the normal service providers.

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