Funds for Business in Delhi NCR

“Funds for Business up to Rs. 5 crores without collateral”

 Is it Real or Fiction??

Unsecured Funding up to Rs. 5 crores is very much possible based on following metrics of business:

  1. Funding to any business house is based on the business credentials
  2. Every penny taken from any institution need to be returned with interest
  3. A new start up initiating business or having business vintage of less than 3 years is termed as risky venture by all financial institutions for funding.
  4. Funds for growth are possible on the visible executions or verifiable numbers. In other words the growth projection for ensuing period must be supported with past performance.
  5. The cost of funds would be competitive but should not be treated as free funds but for judicious use & its timely repayment creates confidence of lenders on the business thereby able to raise more funds when required.
  6. Unsecured Funding should not be misinterpreted as funding to start the business or subsidy to start the business. It is given to any business house after judicious assessment before sanction and quantum is based upon actual turnover achieved.

Let’s meet in the upcoming webinar to be held on 20th Oct’21 for complete clarity on “Funds for Business up to Rs. 5 crores without collateral”  

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